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My Boyfriend Doesn't Want This Baby

While it’s never easy to think about raising a baby without the assistance of a partner, keep in mind that the baby you are carrying is not only a part of your boyfriend, he or she is also a part of YOU.

Sometimes it’s helpful to remove the voices and opinions of all other people and then to ask yourself what you want for your life and for your baby. Listen to your heart. It’s also important to remember that having an abortion because of your boyfriend does not guarantee that he will stay with you.

You and your boyfriend may remain together or may not. But, regardless of your relationship with him, this decision will last forever. This is your decision and your experience. Communicate your feelings to your boyfriend. Perhaps your boyfriend is just scared and is panicking.

We at the Woman’s New Life Center can help. Our professional counseling services are free and we can meet with you individually and/or as a couple and discuss these issues with you.


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